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Commission - Glitch by UndeadNicky Commission - Glitch :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 11 10 dATale T5 - Phase 3 by UndeadNicky dATale T5 - Phase 3 :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 16 45 Commission - Charans From 5 AUs by UndeadNicky Commission - Charans From 5 AUs :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 13 1 Commission - Bros and a fusion by UndeadNicky Commission - Bros and a fusion :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 12 31 MeeM by UndeadNicky MeeM :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 16 5 Google yourself or something by UndeadNicky Google yourself or something :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 9 6 ''Not SwapFell'' - Guess The AU - 2 by UndeadNicky ''Not SwapFell'' - Guess The AU - 2 :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 15 62 Totally not a new SwapSwap design by UndeadNicky Totally not a new SwapSwap design :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 17 47 Commission: ''Friends'' by UndeadNicky Commission: ''Friends'' :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 17 5 Commission: ''Date'' by UndeadNicky Commission: ''Date'' :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 15 1 Some dA T5!LCs by UndeadNicky Some dA T5!LCs :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 14 30 SoMeTHiNG by UndeadNicky SoMeTHiNG :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 10 15 dATale Comic V3 (Links in the description) by UndeadNicky dATale Comic V3 (Links in the description) :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 18 12 = ) by UndeadNicky = ) :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 10 16 Pensi by UndeadNicky
Mature content
Pensi :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 8 34
Just a few SwapFells by UndeadNicky Just a few SwapFells :iconundeadnicky:UndeadNicky 27 29
Some art i have made recently


(SHITPOST) Underswap in a Nutshell Page 2 by Luigicat11
Mature content
(SHITPOST) Underswap in a Nutshell Page 2 :iconluigicat11:Luigicat11 3 2
Flambo Police Arms Is My New religion by Newstripe Flambo Police Arms Is My New religion :iconnewstripe:Newstripe 4 1 LPMKF Part 1-4 Thumbnail + DKFUSION LC11 SKIN! by Luigicat11 LPMKF Part 1-4 Thumbnail + DKFUSION LC11 SKIN! :iconluigicat11:Luigicat11 4 0 Sonora Sunrise And Anyolite by JimPAVLICA Sonora Sunrise And Anyolite :iconjimpavlica:JimPAVLICA 196 65 DropLikeAnEMorty by DrunkPotato3 DropLikeAnEMorty :icondrunkpotato3:DrunkPotato3 3 1 Underloop Fake Undyne Battle Screenshot by PWubb Underloop Fake Undyne Battle Screenshot :iconpwubb:PWubb 3 9 Mario Bros. Fusion Names and Symbols by Luigicat11 Mario Bros. Fusion Names and Symbols :iconluigicat11:Luigicat11 7 0 DATALE by DoubleONine DATALE :icondoubleonine:DoubleONine 8 16 Edge by flambeworm370 Edge :iconflambeworm370:flambeworm370 20 42 Alterswapfell, Swapalter, and Fellalter by Luigicat11 Alterswapfell, Swapalter, and Fellalter :iconluigicat11:Luigicat11 10 5 (UnderPants) (Disbelief) Backbone Papyrus by PootStablook (UnderPants) (Disbelief) Backbone Papyrus :iconpootstablook:PootStablook 20 4 Close To Me by YAMsgarden Close To Me :iconyamsgarden:YAMsgarden 922 26 Little Goopster 9 by Gakmalkmalon Little Goopster 9 :icongakmalkmalon:Gakmalkmalon 5 19 Some unreleased sprites I've made lately. by Toreodere Some unreleased sprites I've made lately. :icontoreodere:Toreodere 44 8
Toby x Toby Fanfic Chapter Two
"Annoying Dog kisses Annoying Dog, and they become best friends. Later, Jerry gets laid"
End the sin please
*Toby tried to make a snowdrake, but it looked a little off. Toby named this guy, "Jerry". They became best friends, until Toby came. Now Jerry was all alone and sad in Snowdin. He tried to make friends with other snowdrakes, but they didn't want friends. An icecap showed up. She said, "Marry me, Jerry. You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.". Jerry married the icecap, and they became good partners.
*Meanwhile in MTT resort: Toby and Toby had just finished watching a romantic movie. They were satisfied, and they returned their keys, and had dinner together. Toby said to Toby, "Hey... Toby... This has been a spectacular night for me... Maybe we should... Make a whole Toby-Family together.". Toby answered, "Yes, of course. I'll get us an apartment and make it look perfect for us.". Tob
:iconpwubb:PWubb 1 0
Pearl Pixelart by PWubb Pearl Pixelart :iconpwubb:PWubb 5 3



A Complete Undertale AU Cast
I guess the pic is enough
Fake Undertale Screenshot
A Fake Undertale screenshot, That's all!

It can be a fake date with a character, a fake battle screenshot or an overworld thingy
A Complete sprite sheet
A complete sprite sheet of an OC/Persona or anything tbh

Just Tell what you want in the sprite sheet and i will make it!

A Battle sprite
A Battle sprite of any character you want

Animated sprites will cost 10 points extra!
Overworld Sprite
Any overworld sprite of any OC/Persona/Character you want.

You can literally commission me to make a sprite for a door and i will do it :/


Welp... I made a discord for dATale...

join if you want... this is where i will post dATale's pages and some tiny things

maybe i might even have the chance to talk in the voice chat idfk maybe

but still

"HA HA HA, BONERS!!" ~Papyrus, 201X
idk why but i kinda feel like recreating this one mini comic lolgamer made XD
Lel by LolGamerYOLO
PockyUndertale is senpai.

If you agree, please comment.

if this status gets 69 comments, i will draw pocky senpai

RevertdA - MegaloMania / Megalovania In The Style Of Athazagoraphobia…

flambeworm370 guessed the AU and won a prize xd

The AU was dARevert
welp for some reason i want to see has anyone used my art in a youtube video and not credited rn xd

i just wanna comment on the video and see their reaction xd
welp... the official "sans." replacement for "Undertale: Reversed Story"

"The Great Papynyehh..?"…
welp i finally have everything done... i'll take a tiny break from dA and play starbound XD

if you actually are interested in playing with me, message me on steam

My steam -->… <--
am i a horrible person if i say that i do not like the TSE!Underfell Designs?
Papyrus: PixL ( UndeadNicky )
Sans: Felipa ( Creepyshipper16 )
Asriel: Meii ( hakike--guro )
Snowdin Shopkeeper: Athena ( Addicted2Electronics )
Gaster: Meme ( UndeadSam )
Frisk: Jordan ( CartoonzForever1234 )
Chara: Maggie ( Sneakingpuppet )
Alphys: Ianto ( TheImmortalRevenant )
Undyne: Coraline ( Saquoia779 )


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
i'm nick sanchez

the alcoholic that flamby smith calls grandpa nick

i am a scientist even it might not look like it


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ay nicky thx for my commision, sad your leaving us though ;-;
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Okay tho, seriously, where have you been, anyway?  Follow-up question: Why you so depressed all the sudden?  I mean, one minute you're quoting If Undertale Were Realistic, the next, you're just gone.  And now you're back, but you're just here because you forgot to pack your shit?  The hell happened?
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So you're finnaly back u shit
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Holy shit your account's back!
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